Ken Carey:


The Third Millennium - Living in the Posthistoric World


(Alkuteos: "Starseed: The Third Millennium" - 1991.)



Takakannen teksti: "A timeless and visionary blueprint for conscious living and quantum change as we approach the next century

"Magical and profound ... an kind of Millennial Bible ... Ken Carey is one of the great living teachers. Somehow, somewhere, he was given the keys to our future, and he generously and skillfully passes the secrets on to the rest of us." - Marianne Williamson


"Like no other book I know, [The Third Millennium] has the power to bring our lives into alignment with our essential being. Its beauty and relevance make it clearly one of the truly great gifts of our time." - John Robbins


"A prophetic announcement of the end of history as we have known it and the beginning of an era in which we become responsible for evolutionary governance." - Jean Houston, Ph.D. 


Ken Carey is the author of several books, including The Starseed Transmissions, Return of the Bird Tribes, and Flat Rock Journal."


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